What is experimental archaeology good for?

What is experimental archaeology good for?

Participants of the Summer School of Archeology at Zemplín Castle first meeting had the opportunity to try their hand at making a replica of a polished Neolithic axe using original techniques and tools. The workshop was a contribution to the discussion on the use of experimental archeology as one of the forms of promoting archaeological heritage.

Experimental archeology (not to be confused with historical reconstruction) allows us to confront theoretical considerations with reality. Thanks to it, we can better understand the production techniques, methods of use, causes and types of tool damage. In experimental archaeology, we rely on the observation of artifacts and use ethnographic analogies with remote regions of the world where, until recently, societies using stone tools functioned.

In a form open to the public, a similar show combined with workshops was later carried out during the 2022 European Researchers’ Night at the Archaeological Museum in Krakow (see more here: https://ma.krakow.pl/noc-naukowcow-2022-fotorelacja/ ).

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