Ukrainian archaeology in Zemplin

Ukrainian archaeology in Zemplin

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that one of the lecture blocks at this year’s summer school will be devoted to the status and prospects of assistance to Ukrainian colleagues. The lecture , for obvious reasons online, has been promised by Dr. Vsevolod Ivakin , Chief of the Department of Archaeology of Kyiv.
Together with other Ukrainian archaeologists he has created a database of endangered or destroyed archaeological sites. The idea that it is thanks to the many trenches and the deployment of fighting archaeologists that hundreds of new sites have been discovered is frightening.
We would like to draw attention, for example, to this organisation, which monitors the consequences of the destruction of archaeological heritage in Ukraine by the war actions.
Within the lecture series we would like to set together with our colleagues from Ukraine the possibilities of future cooperation especially in the field of non-destructive survey or Slovak experience with LIDAR data processing methodology.
We are very much looking forward to your participation.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian archaeology in Zemplin

  1. Dmitro

    This is fantastic opportunity. Thank You, all from Slovakia, helping us. Always welcome.

  2. Castrum Zemlun – archaeological skunkworks on ZemplГ­n

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