project Castrum Zemlun

The Castrum Zemlun project is an international participatory non-profit project focused on community archaeology, scientific knowledge of the ZemplĂ­n region and tourism development.


In our understanding, community archeology is an effort to involve the local population as much as possible in getting to know the region and building a relationship between the locals and their history. The Slovak-Hungarian-Ukrainian borderland was a place where entire populations were uprooted and lost their connection to local values. Returning to the roots is a laborious but only way to build a healthy society. We archaeologists can pin it to this with our powers, with the help of archaeology.


Scientific knowledge of the region has value in itself. For years and decades, historical population research has focused on hot spots and attractive locations. We consider knowing the periphery to be equally, if not more, important to knowing ourselves.


And finally – we would be happy if the magical landscape between Tokaj and Bodrog became a favorite destination for visitors. At a time when the local economy is stagnant, we would like to mediate the development of local services and experiences.